Why Subset

10gen (the company behind MongoDB) officialy releases a Java driver and supports the development of “Casbah“, Scala driver for MongoDB. There are also a number of other Scala libraries for MongoDB, most of them are mentioned at this page. There is also “Salat“, which aims at serializing of Scala case classes only.

Given this range of libraries, there is hardly any gap in functionality that needs to be addressed. Nevertheless, since Osinka (the company that built mongo-scala-driver and Subset) projects utilize own library to work with MongoDB (mongo-scala-driver) and we have such an experience, we finally established a number of requirements for the new library:

Design Goals

Thus Subset has the following design goals:

It’s not:


You are allowed to do a lot of various things, and to shoot your foot as well. You may find some possible caveats here

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